Over a month ago I meet a book blogger live for the first time. It was Joanna over at It’s all about me (time). She actually wrote a post about our meeting, and I agree with her: somehow, meeting a fellow book-blogger in person anchored this cyber-world into reality. We’ve been meeting every week for lunch at the bookshop Filigranes and talk about mostly books and what’s new in the book blogosphere. We even came up with an idea for a book challenge which we’ll share soon.

The last time we met, Joanna had a new idea: why not exchange 5 book recommendations to us to read over 2011? (I think Nymeth did this previously with another blogger with good results) So we almost immediately started working on our respective lists. There are no particular rules for the choice of books, but it would be ideal if they would include some books that we think the other will like, some that the other never heard of and some that will take the other out of their comfort zone.

So these are the books recommended by Joanna that I’ll read next year:

And this is the list I prepared for Joanna:

How exciting is this? I can’t wait to start! This is what book blogging is about: putting us in the path of good book and even better people 😀