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I’ve already started with bookish activities in Geneva. Joined a bookclub (discussing Virginia Woolf’s Orlando this week) and this Saturday we went to the Book Festival of Early Childhood and Families. They had activities planned for different age groups and even almost-15-month-old Davidhad the chance to join in.

It was also an opportunity to know more about Geneva’s libraries and the upcoming events they’re organizing. At the moment I’m having an information overload because there’s just too much I want to do, including an informal chat between librarians and readers about books for the summer, a “Read with your baby” atelier, a “Create a photonovel” workshop and several concerts.

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David exploring the books in the Yurt Library.

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André and David listing to stories and songs in the baby tent.

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Something that might interest my librarian readers. At the Festival, organizers were distributing this really interesting publication called “La Ville, mon doudou et moi“. It’s a set of children’s books recommendations about living in the city, including about what are streets, neighborhoods, public gardens, markets and transports,  the homeless (in photo) and infrastructures like libraries and hospitals. Super interesting and useful. Available for download here (in French).



Look what I produced!

Little Sleepless (such an appropriate name…) – aka David – was born on the 4th March and since then I’m enjoying the whole full-time-mom experience.

We’re anxiously waiting for the first smile, but I think he already enjoys our play-time, especially the trippy baby books – apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, right? If you have any recommendations for 0-3 months books let me know.

Most days I have no idea where my time went, but I’m going to try to slowly go back to a normal blogging life. I’ll try to post mini-mini-reviews soon because, amazingly, I actually managed to listen to some audiobooks and even read a couple of graphic novels.

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