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This was an eventful year, in a very good way, but I wouldn’t mind a bit of stability in 2015 though (careful with what you ask for? :S).

Some highlights:

  • Got married
  • David’s a toddler now – what a year!
  • Got a dream job at the UN and the family moved to Geneva
  • Added two new countries to my list: Canada and Kenya


I’ve read 65 books, which is an increase from the 54 of Baby Year. I’m very proud of myself for this, and for taking on some pretty long ones too (The Count of Monte Cristo, Winter’s Tale, Doctor Zhivago). Also happy to have returned to blogging. I was almost a year out, but I’m happy I waited until it was really calling me back.

Here are the usual geeky statistics (2013 figures between brackets):


As in earlier years paper continues to rule. Being away from blogging made me focus much more on the TBR shelves.


Fiction vs. Non-fiction

I’m disappointed in these figures. For years I’ve been increasing my share of non-fiction and found some of my favorite books this way. Have no explanation for this and can only try to bring back more balance in 2015.


A closer look at Fiction

Basically: no blogging = no challenges = no poetry or plays. Glad about the increase in graphic novels though. By joining Jay’s Deal Me In Challenge I hope to see the short-story figure continue to increase.


I’m also happy about this division of genre, even with a decrease in YA and children’s (yes, I know they’re not exactly a genre, but you know what I mean!). In 2015 I’d like to push the sci-fi number even a bit higher, then I’ll have a nice balance between sci-fi, crime, historical, fantasy and classics.


A closer look at Non-fiction

I didn’t read enough Non-fiction for the graph to show much…



For shame Alex! How many years will it take to balance this, even if only a bit? Any book challenge out there about reading in the original?


Translated vs. original

A bit better than last year, but nowhere near good enough. It sounds fine to read “in the original”, but not when it’s almost all in English.



Currently reading

Currently listening

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